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Chris and Casey’s summertime wedding was filled with memories that I’ll always be fond of. From the amazing and fly venue (pun-intended) that is March Field Air Museum to lovely guests to splendid food and a city-wide power outage that was handled in the most graceful way possible, this wedding was nothing short of mesmerizing. Historic aircrafts¬†dressed the backdrop of many incredible captures (including those that we shot INSIDE of a C-141) and when the power eventually came back on in the late evening, smiles, moves n’ grooves saturated the dance floor. But most of all, a beautiful couple surrounded by beautiful people made for a beautiful wedding day…and ultimately, made its way to my “all-time favorite weddings” list.

First look moments with the father are always priceless.

Always a good idea to sneak into the reception room when it’s empty ūüėČ

Making their way down n’ making way for the bride.

When the bride and groom’s eyes first meet…

A little prayer before being officially given away.

Some have “in-laws” and some have “in-loves.” The latter is clearly better.

It goes without saying that capturing the pride and joy in the couple is a must. I also think the same can be said about the loved ones who surround them.

The joy that was beaming out of Chris and Casey didn’t begin or stop at the ceremony. And as they walked out, a proper exit was given from servicemen (the honorable Marines)¬†including the groom’s father and grandfather.

Post-ceremony photos with fam n’ friends. And some quick captures of the lovely bride.

And then finally…we made our way around the museum including a trip to shoot INSIDE of a C-141.

I. Can’t. Or. Won’t. Ever. Get. Over. These. EVER.

And then we headed back to the reception space for the grand entrance and first dance. But more of these sort of photos in a bit…

Their last first dance as both dads look on.

Quick speech from the bride’s pops.


Part of being a great photographer is timing. And being very, very attentive. As the bride and groom walked back out to take some more photos by the aircrafts, I had noticed their silhouette in the most perfect backdrop. So, I stopped them for a quick minute and told Chris to kiss his bride. The rest is history. I love everything about this moment.

And then there was the WWII B-17. Magical.

One more stop before heading back to the reception.

And around this moment is where the power went out. So the desserts and people were moved outside right before the sun went down.

I love using the flash but I love not using it even more. During a city wide power outage, I thought to myself, “For some of these shots, just get rid of the flash.” So, my first test subject were these insanely good desserts.

Easily the best cake knife I’ve ever seen.

Who needs electricity when you have the flash and cell phone lights of loved ones?

Love, love, love these flash-less photos at late sunset.

Words of support and life-long encouragement.

Father-daughter. Mother-son. Always-forever.

Tosses. And the winners of potential future vows. No guarantees were made by the bride or groom, though.

My allergies were acting up a bit during this video tribute to the bride’s parents. I made it through enough to capture all the love.


And the last speech of the night came from the father of the groom.

Okay. So I normally don’t do this but uhhh…a quick collage for this gentleman who should be everyone’s hero when it¬†comes to that old adage of, “Dance like nobody’s watching.”

Dances. Hugs. Love. (And a selfie).

You can tell Chris and Casey felt bubbly on the inside as they exited.

(You like my play on words, huh?).

Out of an old, classic, regal Hollywood movie.

And they’re off – to their honeymoon and a brand new life. Thank you Chris and Casey – for allowing me to capture this beautiful day and for making me feel like a beloved guest. I wish you two nothing but God’s best.

Wedding Roll Call:

Photographer: Charles Maceo Photography

Venue: March Field Air Museum

Wedding Coordinator: Lindsay Ademis

Catering: Gourmet Your Way


Ahmad & Fathma’s traditional Afghan wedding was a truly spectacular event for me to capture. Set in the backdrop of the Knotts Berry Farm Hotel in Buena Park, California, family and friends gathered on a summer Friday evening to celebrate these two love birds. Delicious food, immaculate traditional garb, dances, and the like were in order and I’m so thrilled to share some of the great moments of this particular wedding story.


I always take full advantage of ANY amount of time I have with the bride as she’s preparing. We had a mini-shoot in the hotel room and it was a success – if I might say so myself ūüôā


And luckily, I had ample time to just shoot with the bride and groom before their wedding celebration started. These two looked stunning together and made it look effortless.

Y’all see that stage?! Y’all see that food?! And again, that STAGE.

And the moment all the guests were waiting for: the grandest of grand entrances.

The couple lookin’ all regal. So are those kids. And so is that stage.

(Okay – I’m going to try and stop gushing over that stage now…)

Speeches n’ smiles.

When the dance floor officially opens and he doesn’t want to dance.


Watch him whip. Now watch him nae nae.


Honoring the bride and groom with a traditional dance.

Groom: “When blowing out the candle doesn’t work, just pinch instead.” (Brave man, by the way).

Andddd now, things are official after the ring ceremony.


CAKE. Enough said.

The night capped off with Ahmad and Fathma’s first dance and as you can see, it was a fun one. I was honored to shoot such a love-filled event! Major thanks to Ahmad and Fathma for bringing me on board – may you dance through life together with just as much ease and joy. Blessings to you both!


Wedding Roll Call:

Photographer: Charles Maceo Photography

Venue: Knotts Berry Farm Hotel


I love shooting Fall weddings and¬†had the honor of capturing Evaristo & Shauna’s very intimate and stunning day this past November. The venue? Perfect (I can’t think of many better places to shoot at than the historic Queen Mary in Long Beach, California).¬†¬†The weather? Perfect (no surprise – it’s California). The couple? Perfect (I have the photos to prove it). It was just a plain ole’ regal, classic, and elegant day and I am thrilled to share some of our captures below.

These gents’ were a riot.¬†And might I add: they clean up well.

Shauna looked stunning as did her bridesmaids. And Shauna’s creative fingerprints were all over this wedding: the black dresses. The black feathers accenting the flowers. I dig it.

The moment before the “first look” is a favorite of mines. Of course, I love seeing the bride and groom react to seeing each other for the first time on their big day…but I also love seeing them all giddy’ moments right before.

I think they liked what they saw ūüėČ

It’s always nice to have a little extra time with the Mr. and Mrs. right after the first look. Gives me a chance to take ¬†capture another moment or two.

The loooooooooooove boat.

(I was really trying hard to find a way to romantically connect love to a ship since we’re talking about the Queen Mary…the old TV series/song came to mind). But seriously, it’s amazing to see the environment and couple compliment each other so well.

As a photographer, I know how very true the adage is that, “a picture speaks a thousand words”. Simple and beautiful tribute to those who are no longer with us.

Making their way on down the aisle…from the old(er) generations to the new. And if you ever need to make sure wedding bands make it safely to the ceremony, I think the kid is for hire.

Smiles, laughs, and tears were all very present during this ceremony.

Not only was it sealed with a kiss. But also…a dip.

It’s a family affair! Oh. And those kid’s expressions are hilarious.

I love, love, LOVE shooting without the flash if at all possible – especially at night. Sometimes, it just makes sense. These 3 images feel so perfect to me…from the Long Beach skyline to that look Shauna is giving to Evaristo (off camera), and a little phone booth moment.

The grand entrance. Everybody was ready to par-tay.

The last first-dance they’ll ever have. And it was a sweet one.

Mother/Son, Father/Daughter dances are always such sweet moments. For me, all the decades upon decades of history feels so palpable.

More love from the bride and groom’s parents.

Best-man and maid-of-honor toasts. And don’t ask me about the shirt. You had to be there. #BadaBing

No wall-flowers were allowed at this celebration.

“Life’s too short to say no to cake.” – Anon.

“You should always eat 3 or 4 slices of cake at a wedding.” – Anon.

*** The 2nd quote might belong to me. But I won’t confirm or deny this. ***

No. Single Ladies, as great of a hit it is, was not playing during this particular bouquet toss.

And the winner is…not getting married anytime soon. But it’s a fun keepsake for her nonetheless!

Evaristo took the stage, took his time, and of course, took that garter.

The winner actually wore his crown. He earned it.

Thanks for checking out this blog post but sadly, all good things must come to an end. But to the bride n’ groom, your new life is just beginning and I thank you for allowing me to capture its official genesis. Blessings to you, Evaristo and Shauna!

Wedding Roll Call:

Photographer: Charles Maceo Photography

Venue: The Queen Mary


Adam and Kimberly…what can I say? A one-of-a-kind, sweet, genuine couple whose love for one another pours out with ease. A beautiful wedding day was in order in the gorgeous city of Laguna Beach, California. Within walking distance of and practically on the California coast, nuptials and celebrations took place at Seven4One, a small boutique hotel and breathtaking wedding venue.¬†Between the intricate details, amazing views, extravagant festivities, partying, and of course, a beautiful couple…it was a breeze capturing so many great moments.

The venue. The flowers. Decor. All the small and big details were immaculate. So much love, thought, and care went into this day.

Loungin’. Nothing but laughs and smiles among the bride, sister, and mama’.

Soooo, I had such a hard time selecting what to share because there were so, so many great captures. Kimberly looked FLAWLESS. And guess what? She has the heart and spirit to match.

“I am my brother’s keeper.” Ahhh, gotta’ love the brotherly love. Fellas’ were looking clean – especially the groom.

Final reflections before the big “I Do.”


When the groom finally sees his bride. This moment NEVER gets old.

Daddy’s girl.

Everyone, including me, was beaming the entire ceremony. I may have *almost* shed a tear. Almost. ūüėČ



It’s a family affair.



Snuck these two away down to the shore for a few shots before the sunset. I love getting the couple by themselves – even for just a brief moment. Gives them a chance to connect on such a busy day…and gives us an opportunity to capture some intimate shots.

Reception setup was nothing short of amazing.

You know this part. The “dances”. The “First”. Daddy-Daughter. And Mother-Son.

The best speeches/toasts should make you laugh, smile, cry…and absolutely should include embarrassing stories of the newlyweds.

Kisses n’ Selfies.

Yes. That is a camera attached to a wine bottle.

Movin’ n groovin’.

A moment of celebration and cheers for the couple.

Loved ones partied all night long with this amazing duo. It was truly an honor to capture this occasion and I wish you nothing but the best, Adam and Kimberly. Major blessings to you two!

Wedding Roll Call:

Photographer: Charles Maceo Photography

Venue: Seven 4 One (Laguna Beach, CA)

Wedding Planner: Events By Robin

Decor & Floral: Events by Robin


Kojo & Onikah are nothing short of pure royalty in all of its glory. It was a hot, beautiful day in Anaheim Hills, California where folks gathered at the breathtaking Copo De Ora Estates. Gorgeous views, a plethora of unforgettable moments, stellar eats, and partying to the late hours of the night were all on the menu for this special occasion. But most importantly, loved ones from all over the country and WORLD gathered for the union of these two dynamic souls.

Kojo & Onikah Wedding -81.jpg

Kojo & Onikah Wedding -104


Kojo & Onikah Wedding -101Kojo & Onikah Wedding -1212016-07-19_00032016-07-19_0002

The fellas’ , especially the groom, were looking mighty dapper. They did nothing but make fun of one another as they got dressed – and that’s exactly what best friends are for, right ūüėČ ? They buttoned things up (pun intended) with the best way possible: prayer.

Kojo & Onikah Wedding -534 Kojo & Onikah Wedding -567 Kojo & Onikah Wedding -571 Kojo & Onikah Wedding -591 FINAL Kojo Onikah Sample Wedding 3-1 FINAL EDIT

Onikah looked stellar. She embodied everything that is regal, classy, and elegant.


The intimate ceremony space. The flowers. The decor. The views. All so beautiful to match the bride and groom.

Kojo & Onikah Wedding -218

Not quite the traditional “first look” where the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony. Rather, Kojo & Onikah wanted to lock hands, back to back, and share a quiet moment before they officially became one.¬†2016-07-19_00052016-07-19_0006 2016-07-19_00072016-07-19_00082016-07-19_0009Kojo & Onikah Wedding -284Kojo & Onikah Wedding -337 Kojo & Onikah Wedding -340 Kojo & Onikah Wedding -349

The ceremony was filled with love, LAUGHTER, and sealed with a kiss. And thank God for Best Men who wipe your sweat away while you say your vows. Southern California summers are no joke but we all more than endured ūüôā .

Kojo & Onikah Wedding -377Kojo Onikah Sample Wedding 2-12016-07-19_0011Kojo & Onikah Wedding -415 Kojo Onikah Sample Wedding 4-12016-07-19_0012 Kojo & Onikah Wedding -526 kojo onikah sample -1 FINAL EDIT

Family and loved ones gathered out in the courtyard for some post-ceremony photos. I particularly love capturing the candid moments – the kisses, playfulness, inside jokes, etc. It’s precisely¬†why I love¬†being¬†a wedding photographer.

Kojo & Onikah Wedding -1842016-07-19_0013

Kojo & Onikah Wedding -194 2016-07-19_0010

The reception area was a dream. Classic and clean -accented by plants and pools of water. And ummm…did you read what was on the menu?! INCREDIBLE.

Kojo & Onikah Wedding -610




Kojo & Onikah Wedding -649




Their first entrance was indeed grand. Their first dance garnered loud roars and applause. And the speeches were all rooted in appreciation as love poured from the many kinds words spoken that evening.

Kojo & Onikah Wedding -751

2016-07-19_0021Kojo & Onikah Wedding -754 Kojo & Onikah Wedding -766 2016-07-19_0020

Dessert was DELICIOUS. And y’all…those cupcakes? Let’s just say I had like 1…or 4. Something like that.


::: Cue the Beyonce ::: “Wuh uh oh uh uh oh oh uh oh uh uh oh.”


Kojo & Onikah Wedding -799 FINAL

Sunset kisses.

Kojo & Onikah Wedding -835 Kojo & Onikah Wedding -871 2016-07-19_0025

2016-07-19_0026Kojo & Onikah Wedding -875Kojo & Onikah Wedding -897 Kojo & Onikah Wedding -913 2016-07-19_0024

Kojo & Onikah Wedding -866

I actually stayed a little longer than anticipated because the energy on the dance floor was off-the-radar. It was the perfect way to cap off a glorious celebration. Peace and blessings to you, Kojo & Onikah!

Wedding Roll Call: