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Chris and Casey’s summertime wedding was filled with memories that I’ll always be fond of. From the amazing and fly venue (pun-intended) that is March Field Air Museum to lovely guests to splendid food and a city-wide power outage that was handled in the most graceful way possible, this wedding was nothing short of mesmerizing. Historic aircrafts¬†dressed the backdrop of many incredible captures (including those that we shot INSIDE of a C-141) and when the power eventually came back on in the late evening, smiles, moves n’ grooves saturated the dance floor. But most of all, a beautiful couple surrounded by beautiful people made for a beautiful wedding day…and ultimately, made its way to my “all-time favorite weddings” list.

First look moments with the father are always priceless.

Always a good idea to sneak into the reception room when it’s empty ūüėČ

Making their way down n’ making way for the bride.

When the bride and groom’s eyes first meet…

A little prayer before being officially given away.

Some have “in-laws” and some have “in-loves.” The latter is clearly better.

It goes without saying that capturing the pride and joy in the couple is a must. I also think the same can be said about the loved ones who surround them.

The joy that was beaming out of Chris and Casey didn’t begin or stop at the ceremony. And as they walked out, a proper exit was given from servicemen (the honorable Marines)¬†including the groom’s father and grandfather.

Post-ceremony photos with fam n’ friends. And some quick captures of the lovely bride.

And then finally…we made our way around the museum including a trip to shoot INSIDE of a C-141.

I. Can’t. Or. Won’t. Ever. Get. Over. These. EVER.

And then we headed back to the reception space for the grand entrance and first dance. But more of these sort of photos in a bit…

Their last first dance as both dads look on.

Quick speech from the bride’s pops.


Part of being a great photographer is timing. And being very, very attentive. As the bride and groom walked back out to take some more photos by the aircrafts, I had noticed their silhouette in the most perfect backdrop. So, I stopped them for a quick minute and told Chris to kiss his bride. The rest is history. I love everything about this moment.

And then there was the WWII B-17. Magical.

One more stop before heading back to the reception.

And around this moment is where the power went out. So the desserts and people were moved outside right before the sun went down.

I love using the flash but I love not using it even more. During a city wide power outage, I thought to myself, “For some of these shots, just get rid of the flash.” So, my first test subject were these insanely good desserts.

Easily the best cake knife I’ve ever seen.

Who needs electricity when you have the flash and cell phone lights of loved ones?

Love, love, love these flash-less photos at late sunset.

Words of support and life-long encouragement.

Father-daughter. Mother-son. Always-forever.

Tosses. And the winners of potential future vows. No guarantees were made by the bride or groom, though.

My allergies were acting up a bit during this video tribute to the bride’s parents. I made it through enough to capture all the love.


And the last speech of the night came from the father of the groom.

Okay. So I normally don’t do this but uhhh…a quick collage for this gentleman who should be everyone’s hero when it¬†comes to that old adage of, “Dance like nobody’s watching.”

Dances. Hugs. Love. (And a selfie).

You can tell Chris and Casey felt bubbly on the inside as they exited.

(You like my play on words, huh?).

Out of an old, classic, regal Hollywood movie.

And they’re off – to their honeymoon and a brand new life. Thank you Chris and Casey – for allowing me to capture this beautiful day and for making me feel like a beloved guest. I wish you two nothing but God’s best.

Wedding Roll Call:

Photographer: Charles Maceo Photography

Venue: March Field Air Museum

Wedding Coordinator: Lindsay Ademis

Catering: Gourmet Your Way