December 23, 2017

Shooting weddings has its benefits. The obvious would be capturing one of the most important and happy days that a couple will ever experience. Family and loved ones are beyond joyful. The food is amazing. And the backdrops of the day’s festivities are magical.

I also have the pleasure of coming across some wonderful wedding vendors: planners, DJ’s, videographers, florists and…personalized gift makers. Being a married man myself and having participated in a lot of weddings (as part of the groomsmen squad and of course, as a photographer) … you see some amazing and not-so-amazing personalized gifts for the fellas’. More often than not, personalized gifts for guys are rarely ever used anytime after the wedding. They collect dust. Get thrown away. And this is due to the fact that a lot of gifts just feel…obsolete.

But other times…you come across gifts that look great AND are able to be used on a consistent basis years and years after the wedding. One of those gifts is the Tie Tamer from Groovy Guy Gifts. Personalized initials, high quality material, and purposeful, everyday function. What more could you ask for? I, along with 95% of guys I know, have TONS of ties. And we lose them. Or they sit somewhere in a drawer. Wrinkled. Crinkled. Not fun.

I tried this out and LOVE how it looks and how it works. With 20 dedicated tie slots and tough sturdy wood and metal, my ties don’t move. I can be assured that they won’t slip or be found on my closet floor at some point. And I can easily access which tie I want to wear without digging through a drawer as if I’m looking for long lost treasure (guys, you know exactly what I’m talking about).

Whether you’re a groom looking to gift your groomsmen with or simply looking for your own Tie Tamer just because, well, every guy should have one – check out the Tie Tamer by clicking here. Be sure to peruse the Groovy Guy Gifts website for more personalized and awesome guy gifts. And tell em’ Charles Maceo Photography sent cha’.