I love being around a ton of high schoolers. So much energy. So much potential. And when a dance floor is involved, the latest moves to the latest songs make for fun moments to capture. Held at the SRCAR venue in Murrieta, California, Ray’s Sweet 16 was all of the aforementioned and more. Family and friends gathered to celebrate Ray’s milestone and I must give a special shoutout to Ray’s parents who went above and beyond to throw her an extravagant Sweet 16 Masquerade. But don’t just take my word for it – check the shots below.

You’re starting to understand why I gave the parents a shoutout, right? This is love.

A few fun moments before Ray’s grand entrance.

Crowning her princess.

Siblings giving their big sis some bling.


And then there’s dad trading out the fresh Chucks for those fancy dress shoes.

For me (a daddy to my little girl), this dance with the video montage in the back was really special to witness.

Total Daddy’s Girl.

And a total Mama’s Girl too.

Keeping that crown in place.

So much love from the squad that they couldn’t fit into the background. #WidenThatLens

The littles ones having some fun.

And the old(er) folks showing that they can have some fun too.

The party was live, y’all.

Big sis. Little sis.

This is what happens when you leave your cell phone just hanging out all by its lonesome.


Time to sing happy birthday to the star of the show.

This young man was GETTING.IT.

Not a dull moment at this Sweet 16. I’m very thankful I got to capture this birthday extravaganza and I am most certain (as evidenced by all the love and support that surrounded her) this young lady is going places.

Birthday Party Roll Call:

Photographer: Charles Maceo Photography

Venue: SRCAR