Set at a gorgeous private residence in Irvine, California, beloved guests got to experience a 1st birthday party that was truly, “One in a Minion.” Coined with that phrase for obvious reasons, little Kaden was gifted an amazing 1st birthday party by his lovely parents and surrounded by friends and family who absolutely adore him (including this here photographer). Guests got to enjoy beautiful Minion-laden decor, face painting (for the kids), a ballon twister (adults joined in on this fun), a photo booth, ridiculously delicious desserts, and AMAZING catered dinner. Straight up. I know because I may have had a plate. Or three. Check out some of the captures from this beautiful day that I know Kaden will look back on and be reminded of how much he’s always been cherished by such a loving community of people.

That one photo of the dessert table could be my entire blog and I’d be content. Just wait until a little later when you see them up close 😉

This right here is the reason why I almost shed a tear when I was told, “Make sure you get something to eat.” Everybodyyyyyy was tearing this food up.

Ladies and gents – the little man of the hour.

Because…It’s his birthday. And who needs socks, anyway?

So who enjoyed the ballon twister more – the little ones or the adults? You be the judge LOL!

The face-painter did a phenomenal job.

Because…and once again…It’s his birthday.

Everyone wanted some quality time with the star of the show. And understandably so.

Mommy and Daddy trying to show little man how to blow out his candle.

But then Daddy and Uncle decide to just do it for him…

The smash cake didn’t get quite smashed. That just means Kaden is a neat kid who never makes a mess. ***For the record, I did not verify that last statement with Kaden’s parents…just me taking a wild guess***

And speaking of cake and the like…here are the dessert close-ups I was talking about. Need I say more?

The guests, young and old(er), had a ball for hours upon hours.

Some “behind-the-scenes” photo booth action.

And can I just give a major shout-out to Lisa & Adrian for being such amazing hosts and even more amazing-er parents? And yes – I know amazing-er isn’t a word. It is on this blog, though.

And one more time: Happy 1st of many wonderful birthdays to you, Kaden. The world is your oyster, kiddo.

Birthday Party Roll Call:

Photographer: Charles Maceo Photography

Food: Capital Seafood & Capital Noodle in Irvine

Desserts:  Ngoc Tran

Floral: Scarlet Le at Bolsa Florist

Balloon Twister: Anthony

Face painter: Vanessa

Photobooth: Pixta Perfect